Why Occupy NY won’t work

Why Occupy Wall Street Won’t work

They say they speak for the 99%. And yet 99% of Americans don’t support them. Why is that? Everyone has their personal reasons why they can or can’t identify with these people. But what are the underlying issues for the majority of people. I think there are several reasons.

1. Lack of a coherent issue. Explain why you’re pissed. Ask 20 protesters and get 20 answers. 1/2 The signs of the protestors are pissed at wall street, but who on wall street are they pissed at? Oh, and the other 1/2 want world peace, want to cure world hunger, and some of the protestors want to legalize marijuana. WTF people, pick 1 mission and stick to it. Get your agenda straight.
2. Lack of a coherent solution. No one has a clear idea how to fix it. Many people know the tax system is broken, but no one has come up with a viable alternative.
3. Lack of a Standard Bearer. Call it LEADERSHIP. Every yahoo is out there doing their own thing. It’s like a carnival and every nutjob is coming out of the woodwork to raise their own issue. The civil rights movement had Martin Luther King. LEARN FROM HISTORY WHAT WORKS.
4. They can’t stop themselves from escalating to violence. How many people who attend a tea party rally have been arrested? You may not like the tea party, but they follow the law. Let’s face it, NOBODY likes a punk.
5. We’re not buying what you’re selling. Here’s the MAIN reason why it won’t work, and here’s your byline people. Every man woman and child in America has grown up with just one belief/thought/dream/hope/prayer in common. That somehow, someday, through a miracle, the right combination of numbers on a lottery ticket or old fashion hard work, we all want to strike it rich. And this reason extends to the whole world. Everyone wants to be rich, and THAT’S the 99% that you haven’t sold your idea to.