Who do I trust “In Photography” and why

Who do I trust “In Photography” and why.  All of the people on this list are considered the “rock stars” of the photography industry.  They are all experts in their craft, but they are willing to put themselves out there to help train other photographers.  I consider all of them to be silent mentors.  Meaning that I listen to what they say and I use as much of their information as possible.

I trust Mathew Jordan Smith.  http://matthewjordansmith.com/
Mathew has done what I want to do.  He works with models all round the world.  This is my dream.  He has walked the walk and he can talk the talk.  Not only is he a great teacher and (Unknown to him) a mentor.  I pay attention to everything he has to say.  He seems a genuine person who is willing to teach people what he does and how he does it.

I trust Scott Kelby.  http://kelbytraining.com
Scott Kelby is a photography trainer.  His specialty is teaching photography and photoshop techniques.  He is the Publisher for Photoshop User magazine and other great sources for photo shop magazines.  He has published several books on photography and continues to lead the way with innovative technologies.  I also trust him because he is also an approachable person.  He hosts various hangouts with just about anyone and he also travels extensively to train people.  He’s also someone I try to emulate in my skills.  He plays a nice guitar as well.

I trust RC Concepcione.  http://www.aboutrc.com/
RC is also part of the Kelby media group.  He is also a trainer and an amazing photographer in his own right.  I’ve been in several Google + Hangouts with him and he is also approachable.  He’s commented on a few of my images -without me asking him to which means that he takes an interest in what people do.

I trust Zack Arias.  http://zackarias.com/
I don’t shoot the same things he does, but this guy tells it like it is.  His blog posts are insightful and relevant.  He hits from the heart and I swear he’s speaking with my own words sometimes.

Honorable mention.  http://creativelive.comI trust creativelive to provide relevant content.  In the last year, they’ve gone off topic from photography and tried things like life improvement, business & health an fitness.  But this content is still relevant if you want to be  a healthy happy photographer.  I like their format – free to watch while live and pay to keep the course.  This format has been so helpful in choosing exactly what I want to keep.  I have watched most of their classes in the last year, and although I haven’t bought all of them, I have chosen several that will help me along.