Where I find my inspiration

I want to talk about how I find inspiration.

The fact is, I spend countless hours just looking at photograpgs & video. I look at various types of media including TV, magazines and the internet. So how does this spur creativity? Well, as I watch any tv show and youtube video, I try to watch for the artistic side. I notice lighting, composition and I observe how a scene goes together.

On the internet, I use various Web sites such as 500px. There are countless examples of great and inspiring photography there. This site is even better than sites like Flickr. The quality of photography is simply outstanding.

I collect great examples on my pinterest account – Visit here – to see my galleries. http://pinterest.com/rjones315/ Notice how organized these photos are. Each of them in only specific categories.

Someone who wants to be an artist needs to train their artistic eye. Look at thousands of photos and decide what they like about it. When you study a photo, ask yourself, what do you like about it and why. You should also ask yourself what you might do differently. Even small details like the position of the subject and the composition.

Another inspiration point is actually music. When listening to music I like to visualize a scene in my mind. How would you visualize the music and lyrics if you could create a music video?