The Zimmerman verdict

The trial is over but the issues remain unresolved.   I’m mostly a conservative in my thinking.  I believe people have the right to bare arms and defend their lives and property.  But my feeling about this is that it was an accident waiting to happen.  Zimmerman essentially put himself on guard duty in his neighborhood.  Trayvon’s only mistake was walking past this junk yard dog and getting himself shot.

The really hard part about this issue is the racial elements.  It’s difficult far many people to look at white on black killings and not see burning crosses and bed sheets.   But, I really think that the racial issue can also cloud our vision and make us miss what really happened.  Was this really a racial crime?  I’d wish we were past that but I also can’t kid myself.  I can’t know if Travon had been white if Zimmerman would have ignored him.  I’m pretty sure that when Zimmerman looked at this kid he didn’t care if he was black or white.  He saw this as his chance to be the hero.  I think Zimmerman has fantasies of being a hero.

I can almost see in my mind how things unfolded.  Zimmerman swaggered up to the kid with his hand on his hip.  Like he was Blart the mall cop leading with his holster.  He had no real authority, but he thought his gun gave him all the authority he needed.

Recently, Zimmerman helped a family after an accident.  This proves my point of him wanting to be the hero.  Unfortunately, now he’s looking for redemption.  This guy wants his gun back.  I wouldn’t give him a slingshot.  I think a man with a hero complex who is looking for redemption is dangerous because I think he may get someone else killed in his attempt to redeem his reputation.   This kind of guy will run into a burning building and try to rescue someone only to have the building fall on top of him when he should have waited until the fire department got there.  He’s like a cowboy on a mission to prove something to everyone.

I see this through the eyes of being a former soldier.  A hero complex can get people killed and in my mind that’s EXACTLY what happened here.