Simple Elegance

These photos are from one of the last photo shoots I did in Syracuse.  We shot at the old abandoned candle factory in Liverpool.

Special Thanks to our Model from this photo shoot Alyssa Devine IG:  @lyslou_22 was absolutely Fantastic to work with. The beautiful dress she wore was from her mother.

We are always looking for new faces. DM me to arrange a photo shoot.  Our photo shoots are The Most Fun You Will Have With Your Clothes On.



7/1 – 7/7

Title: Almost Twins, Yet Not
Models: Brianna Case, Mallory Lovcsanyi
Hair Styles: Donna Latino
Makeup By: Marcela Tobar
Primary Assistant: Melanie Jones
Creative Partner: Lexy Page
Camera: Nikon D610
ISO: iso-100
Speed: 1/160
Disclaimer: No they are not twins, nor even sisters.
This was an attempt to shoot beauty outdoors. Something we’ve never attempted before. We accomplished this shoot with the following equipment.
2 C-stands
1 PLM Umbrella
1 Beauty Dish with Sock
1 Large reflector behind the models
A posing table
1 Medium reflector on the posing table
We shot in Lexy’s backyard. Also, we had to keep moving in order to keep to the shadows. So things we learned.
Move the reflector back
May need to use use a larger white diffuser for the background
May need to put a light on the background

I loved working with her. Mostly, her eyes are extremely expressive and really showed her inner beauty in these shots. She was a lot of fun to work with. She wasn’t very experienced, but she was a natural model able to move around and change poses without direction. We’ve worked with her a few times, and she always brought her A-Game.

When I work in the studio, I shoot full manual mode, My lights are Alien Bees. I’ve never seen the need to use more expensive lights. As far as I’m concerned, light is light. It doesn’t matter if it comes from a $1000 strobe or a $30 strobe. It just matters how you control the light. Where are the highlights and where are the shadows?


Do you remember the first time you played dress-up? When you wore your mother’s shoes and her big girl clothes. There was a hat involved. It was probably the first time you wore makeup. Lipstick all over your lips to make you look glamorous and earrings to top it all off. You probably walked across the living room floor swaying your hips in a fashion show and it was your time to be the big girl.

One year for Halloween, you had that perfect costume. You were Cinderella or Snow White. Your smile was as big as the moon and you couldn’t wait for everyone to see you all dressed up.
Later, you put your dolls away and the world got a little more serious. Now, when you wake up each morning, you put on your life like a comfortable pair of shoes. Maybe your own daughter plays dress-up and her life is your stage. You can see the magic in her eyes, but what about your magic.

Follow me down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass to a world where the fairy princess still lives in the forest. In my world, you can be a ballerina and dance to Swan Lake or dress up in clothing from yesteryear. Step out of those comfortable shoes and capture that one fleeting moment of clarity.

My one goal is to make life fun again and to help you forget your daily life for a few hours. Let your fantasy to come alive through my lens and capture the moment forever.

You are welcome to bring an escort. Bring a friend and make it a girls day out.

Tell me your story.

Working with this model had some challenges. She was having so much fun in front of the camera that every shot she had this huge grin on her face. I really had to work to get a more neutral expression. In other shots, I used a fan to move her hair, but she had so much wind blowing on her that she kept breaking out into laughter. Like it tickled.

I guess if you work with models, it isn’t all bad if you can make them laugh and have fun.

Camera: Olympus E-510
F-stop: F8.3
Exposure time: 1/25 sec
ISO-speed: ISO 100

One Thing you may notice about these 2 shots of this model are the off-center composition. I sometimes like to try using “negative space” to improve a so so composition. This type forces the viewer to focus on the subject and really changes the feeling of the photo.

Camera: Olympus E-510
F-stop: F8.3
Exposure time: 1/25 sec
ISO-speed: ISO 100

Shot at Belle Facce Studio. I shot this from a ladder above the model while she was laying on the floor. A Special shout out to my team who helped arrange this shoot.

I have a total hands off policy when it comes to working with models. My Makeup artist, hair stylist or even my wife assist when making clothing and hair adjustments to the model.

IMHO: Models don’t need to have guys getting all handsy. I love them all and I treat them as if they are my own daughter or niece.

Camera: Olympus E-30
F-stop: F8.3
Exposure time: 1/320 sec
ISO-speed: ISO 100

Shot on location at the Oakwood Cemetery. Model: Nafeesa Jenkins. Taken during a group shoot with Fashion 315. She was great to work with. She takes direction well and we have worked with her several times.

Camera: Olympus E-30
F-stop: f/3.7
Exposure time: 1/160 sec
ISO-speed: ISO 400