Star Doan

In Frame: Star Doan – IG: not disclosed
Also Present: Sophia Chutkan
Makeup: Reina Jerez – IG: @_peachybeauty65
Photographer: Bob Jones – IG: @rjones315
Camera: Nikon D610
So, one of the things I do during these types of photo shoots is test the model for her more photographic side. Every face is not perfectly symmetrical. I run a simple test by having her look straight at the camera, and I take a shot and turn her head to both sides and take additional shots. I then look to compare which side has the best angle.
In some rare cases I find a model who looks great from all angles from. Star has that face. I also love the fact that her mother is in her corner and that she wants Star to follow her dreams.
Reina did a great job on the makeup and assisted with fitting jewelry for the model.
Another fun project completed and each time I learn more about the Tampa Models I work with.