If you’re not taking advantage of this lull to polish or build new skills, then you’re a fool. Many people assume that when the stay at home order changes, they will get their old job back. In some cases, this will happen. But in a great many other cases it will not.
Companies will use the excuse to reduce their staff, and if you’re a less than stellar employee, they will use it to reduce their dead weight.
All this extra money floating around isn’t an excuse to party it up and buy new stuff. You should be taking online classes where possible to improve your skills. Also, use online resources to network with your boss so they don’t forget you when they start bringing people back. Ask them if there are any classes they would recommend you can take while at home.

If you’re working, pay down your debt. TIP: Don’t pay a small amount to each credit card. Pay 1 chunk to 1 card.

Save the money for bills in lean times, because when unemployment runs out, you still have to live. And whining about not having any money to your landlord while wearing $200.00 Reeboks is not going to help you. Don’t be like all these idiots walking out of Walmart with Big screen TV’s. Stay off Amazon.com. Don’t buy a new car.
Finally, if you’re still working, use your stimulus money to pay down your debt. See my article on how to pay off your credit cards.