How can I as a white person stop racism?

It is my firm belief that George Floyd would still be alive today if one of those cops had the stones to step up against the cop on his neck. The only way these deaths will end is for good people; at least one good person to step up and say stop.

How can I as a white person stop racism? Be the change.

1. Treat each person as an individual worthy of respect
2. Listen to and respect another point of view
3. Refuse to stand idly by when I witness acts against my moral code
4. Train myself to walk in someone else’s shoes
5. Have the strength of will to stand against my friends or colleagues if they break from what is morally right
6. Help the man or woman who has fallen to stand on their own two feet
7. Hold myself accountable when I screw up, and recognize that it will happen
8. Forgive someone when they make a mistake, and recognize that it will happen
9. Treat all mistakes as an opportunity to learn
10. Show grace to all and malice to none

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Real Estate Photos

Home for sale
Homosassa, Florida
– SOLD –
Located in the desirable
Oak Village North / Sugarmill Woods housing area

Price:  $259,900.00

* 3 Bedrooms
* 2 Full bathrooms
* Den/home office
* Updated Kitchen
* 2 car Garage
* Heated Pool – Gas and solar

SAVE ON UTILITIES!  Uses well water for pool & lawn sprinklers.  City water for all other uses.


Heated Pool – Gas and solar on the roof.  Also comes with a solar blanket for 3-way heating!
Fully Screened LanaiUses the smallest mesh available to keep critters out and the sunshine in!

Ask about how you’ll save money on chemicals by using the included Floatron solar water purifier!

The kitchen Includes:

  • Granite counter tops
  • Upgraded appliances
  • Built-in wine fridge
  • Warming drawer
  • Breakfast nook

The master wing Features

  • Large bedroom
  • Walk-in closet
  • Full bathroom includes two sinks, a large walk-in shower and soaking tub
  • A den that makes a perfect room for a baby’s room or home office

Highly survivable? Tell that to the thousands of people who have died? And explain to their families why your right to go out and party is more important than the lives of their loved ones.

You people are like drunks who get behind the wheel because you’ve done it before and no one got hurt. Previously. That last time.

This stuff is just common sense.



Earlier this week I commented that people who are laid off should seek training. Well the same idea goes for employers. Instead of laying people off, now is the time to invest in your staff and get them training.
Every company has people who are newer or lack some proper training. It’s also a great time to devote to OSHA standards and other industry related training.
In normal times the workload gets in the way of getting people the training they need. When things are quiet, you need to work at plugging the knowledge gaps.

Well-trained employees work faster better and more efficiently.

For managers, it’s a great time to mentor someone. Train the people below you so that they can do their jobs better and improve employee retention. It’s also a great time to train on soft skills such as customer service and self improvement. Get people’s minds in the right place and their work ethic will follow.
Also, if managers attend the classes with their staff, it builds a team oriented environment and shows that your focus is from the top down.


If you’re not taking advantage of this lull to polish or build new skills, then you’re a fool. Many people assume that when the stay at home order changes, they will get their old job back. In some cases, this will happen. But in a great many other cases it will not.
Companies will use the excuse to reduce their staff, and if you’re a less than stellar employee, they will use it to reduce their dead weight.
All this extra money floating around isn’t an excuse to party it up and buy new stuff. You should be taking online classes where possible to improve your skills. Also, use online resources to network with your boss so they don’t forget you when they start bringing people back. Ask them if there are any classes they would recommend you can take while at home.

If you’re working, pay down your debt. TIP: Don’t pay a small amount to each credit card. Pay 1 chunk to 1 card.

Save the money for bills in lean times, because when unemployment runs out, you still have to live. And whining about not having any money to your landlord while wearing $200.00 Reeboks is not going to help you. Don’t be like all these idiots walking out of Walmart with Big screen TV’s. Stay off Don’t buy a new car.
Finally, if you’re still working, use your stimulus money to pay down your debt. See my article on how to pay off your credit cards.

How to cope with Covid.

Today, I ran my wife to work. Afterwords, instead of heading straight home, I jumped on 275 south. I drove south to route 60 and headed down the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

Windows open and playing 70’s music. Today, was not a day to just listen to the music. It needed to be cranked up and sung to.

I’m still alive. I have my health. A place to live and a family I love.

Some of the songs on today’s play list:
Hooked on a feeling – Blue Swede
Sister Golden Hair – America
Blinded by the Light – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Shambala – Three Dog Night