Dusty Marie Narducci

In Frame: Dusty Marie Narducci – IG: @dustymarienarducci
MUA: Mila Todorova – IG: @pro_makeup_by_mila
Photographer: Bob Jones – IG: @rjones315

To sum up Dusty, she is a classy lady. She exudes confidence on camera and was a lot of fun to work with. Her easy going personality made it easy to direct her on camera. As you can tell, she nailed it with this powerful photo.


Mila did a great job with the makeup here. A perfect balance of editorial beauty.


Star Doan

In Frame: Star Doan – IG: not disclosed
Also Present: Sophia Chutkan
Makeup: Reina Jerez – IG: @_peachybeauty65
Photographer: Bob Jones – IG: @rjones315
Camera: Nikon D610
So, one of the things I do during these types of photo shoots is test the model for her more photographic side. Every face is not perfectly symmetrical. I run a simple test by having her look straight at the camera, and I take a shot and turn her head to both sides and take additional shots. I then look to compare which side has the best angle.
In some rare cases I find a model who looks great from all angles from. Star has that face. I also love the fact that her mother is in her corner and that she wants Star to follow her dreams.
Reina did a great job on the makeup and assisted with fitting jewelry for the model.
Another fun project completed and each time I learn more about the Tampa Models I work with.


Isa Viega

In Frame: Isa Veiga – IG: @caboverdiana.mel
MUA: Isa Veiga – IG: @caboverdiana.mel
Photographer: Bob Jones – IG: @rjones315

Introducing Isa Veiga. She came to me with a confident smile and dominated the shoot. She easily slipped into the role of model in front of the camera. She really made the project her own effortlessly and with very little direction from me. All I had to do was sit back and snap photos of her and what little direction I gave she followed perfectly.

She is also did her own makeup and blended everything perfectly.

Lesley Ingles

Inframe: Lesley Ingles – ig: lesleyrosemarie
Makeup: Reina Jerez – ig: @_peachybeauty65

Photographer: Bob Jones – ig: @rjones315

When some people get in front of the camera, they come alive and dominate the theme. Lesley was that model. This mild mannered lady became another person in front of the camera. She was fantastic to work with and had a great attitude. All class and a little sass.
Reina did an outstanding job with the makeup. Each time I work with her, we try to push it to another level.
Ladies, if you think you have what it takes, then see my casting posted calls.
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