From a recent trip up towards Lowville, NY


SO we were driving around in Lowville, NY in a snow storm looking at the Wind turbines when this little guy flew over the truck and landed on a power line.

This is a 100% crop shat @ 85mm




This is an abandoned farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere.


Get Organized: Using Pinterest to share your thoughts

We’re probably all familiar with Pinterest and how it works.  I’ve taken the board to the next level.  My pinterest is chock full of ideas for possible shoots.  I’ve also got ideas on how to make inexpensive wardrobe for a photo shoot.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to put together a great shoot.  All you need is some forethought and a little creativity.

I’ve noticed that when I send a model to my pinterrest they don’t really look at it for inspiration.  The like the photos, but they don’t really understand what I’m trying to do.  These photos are to suggest ideas for the themes I work with.  It’s not everything, but the genres include a ton of ideas to try and make a photo shoot a lot more fun.

Turn your glamour shoot into something amazing.  Plan you shoot and shot your plan.

You can find my pinterest page at


A glimpse at how I create my ideas and art.

Get organized.
I use Microsoft One Note. If you have an ipad you can download and link between your pc and the ipad. I capture photos and other items of interest.

In the photo below you’ll see a page from my notebook. A photo I found on the internet and my impressions of the photo. Some positive and some negative.

Train your eye.
I look at these photos in a critical way. What’s good, what’s bad? And why? It’s an artistic review of the elements in the photo and what I notice about them. All of the photos are of pretty girls wearing pretty clothes. But if you can’t look beyond that then you’ll never grow as a artist.

Be critical of your own work.
I look at my own photos and try to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You have to consider all aspects. Lighting, pose, setting. Everything. Do the shoes work? Consider it all.

How this applies to Models
Don’t just look at your photos and pat yourself on the back. Train yourself to notice the details. Some questions you should ask
– Is this your best Angle
– Does the angle flatter your figure
– Does the pose look comfortable or awkward
– Do you have the same expression in every photo