This shot is from a recent trial/practice for a magazine shoot.  For the final shoot, we used 5 models, 2 makeup artists, 1 hair stylist, 2 assistants, and 2 photographers.  The overall theme genre was alternative.

When we held the trials, we felt that this model had a look almost too much girl-next-door.  However, we decided to go ahead and user her.  He main advantages in this shoot were that she is quite tall and her proportions were perfect for the theme.  Also, with her engaging style and willingness to follow direction, she was a perfect match for this shoot.  Finally, the fact that her personality really is a girl-next-door sweetness, then all of the elements for a perfect shoot were there.

For the setup, we used 2 lights.  The main light was camera left with a large plm and a second light for fill with a softbox to the camera right.  For some of the shots, we used a 22” beauty dish to the camera right.  The background was white seamless paper, but we had her approximately 4 feet from the background which turned it to almost a gray.  For most of the shoot, we metered the shots at f11 although we sometimes kicked things up to as high as f16.  The fill was approximately 2 stops lower.

Our Team
Lexy Page:  Art Direction & Creative Consultant.  2nd Shooter
Donna Latino:  Hiar stylist & Creative Wardrobe Design
Rachael Keresey:  Makeup & Creative Wardrobe Design
Cassandra Ramsden:  Makeup
Melanie Jones:  Primary Assistant
Natalie Teal:  Model
Bob Jones:  Art Direction & Photographer