Having a closed mind

In the past, I was a little disappointed the comments by a respected photographer I resepected. He mentioned that he doesn’t look at photos that have a watermark on them. I really respected his opinion on photography and really wanted to believe he had something valid to contribute.

However, my position is that I sometimes use a watermark. Right or wrong It’s my choice to add a watermark to some of my images. But to invalidate my work because it has a watermark (or NOT) is like people who are short-sighted with regards to Photoshop or HDR images. You’re not giving the art a chance.

The so-called purist who doesn’t edit his photos and hates all things photoshop or HDR is a very short-sighted person.

A person who won’t review an image because it has a watermark is also short-sighted.

Here’s the real lesson, the day you close your mind to some side of art because it doesn’t fulfill some arbitrary limit your vision becomes clouded.



I am an introvert. I think that’s why I’m drawn to photography. I don’t socialize very well. At parties and online chats, I prefer to listen rather than actively participate. At work, during lunch, I stay in my cubicle and read a book rather than talk to anyone in the cafeteria.

At home, I have a small office, but it’s really my hovel. I don’t spend nearly enough time with my wife and son as I should.

Why don’t I socialize more? I’m not afraid of people. It’s just that when I talk to people I like to listen to what they say. I have never been any good at small talk – How’s the weather gets real old for me. I find myself saying nothing unless I have something of substance to contribute.

I would much rather ask someone to talk about themselves than talk about myself.

When someone tells me they like one of my photos, I am not very good at saying thank you. It might seem like I’m not gracious, but instead I just don’t know how to react. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud when they say that, but I’m also made nervous. I feel like I’m really not worthy of their praise