GET SERIOUS – Models, bring something to the table.

One of the things I notice the most is the models are waiting for inspiration from the photographers. Most models don’t do anything unless there is a casting call for a shoot. It’s the photographer that has to come up with the idea and then find a way to draw you into the project.
Here’s how to put together a photo shoot casting call.
1. Be specific to the idea. Don’t just say you want to update your portfolio. Tell us what theme genre you want to shoot and what wardrobe you want to bring.
2. Use photos to illustrate your idea.
3. Look at photo examples out there of your theme and gather as many examples as you can in a folder on Pinterest. On the day of the shoot, show the photographer, MUA & stylist what you’re thinking.
4. Practice posing ahead of time. Don’t expect the photographer to tell you how to pose. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or have shot 1000 times. If you can’t pose yourself, the photographer will get bored and not want to work with you.
5. Use youtube and vimeo for video tips on how to pose. The videos are free. I’ve got almost 100 videos that I’ve downloaded from various sites. I watch them before a photo shoot and it always helps to motivate me.
Finally, one last item to help you along. One of the biggest mistakes I see is models spend so much time worrying about their pose, they don’t learn to relax and change expression. If you look at your portfolio and you have the same look in every shot, it’s time to change things up.

Good luck

When Models ask Why is a Shoot for Trade

I’ve got over $10K in gear. Between camera, lenses, lighting equipment. I’m going to be renting a studio sometime this year which means 800+/month.
I buy a ton of wardrobe for models to wear.
I spend hours researching themes, genres and ideas.
I take classes to learn my craft- over $5000 worth so far.
I have to pay the makeup artist/hair stylist out of my own pocket.
When I post a casting call, I get tons of responses from people who don’t take the time to read what I wrote and are not right for the theme – or they don’t follow the directions posted in the casting call. So, now I have to weed through them. Countless hours.
I have to chase down models to get head shots. They are almost always out of focus, bad lighting Cell phone photos. Countless hours.
During the shoot, the models rely on me to direct them in 95% of their poses. They haven’t researched the theme, nor the actual art of modeling.
Models come to a session with bad skin because they smoke, drink, or tan too much. They don’t understand about taking care of themselves.
I plan the shoot. I research the shoot. I review wardrobe requirements. I review the theme or genre. I post the casting calls. I weed through the models who apply looking for the right fit. I book the makeup artist and hair stylist. I provide the location. I set up the lighting. I direct the MUA & Stylist. I direct the model. On long shoots, I feed the entire team. When the shoot is done, I pay the MUA/stylist. I clean up the studio. Wipe down the makeup table. Take down the lighting equipment. Clean the camera for the next shoot. Edit photos. provide the place for the models to download their photos. Post the photos for them to download. Thank them for their time.
Move on to the next project.
Finally, I don’t begrudge any of this process. This is something I love to do. But it kind of irritates me when people ask what they are getting in trade for these shoots as if the photographer doesn’t work their butts off to make a good photo shoot.
Ask yourself this question. As a model, do you have current GOOD head shots? Do you have a comp card? If not, then how can you call yourself a model and expect to be paid if you don’t have the basics?

Dusty Marie Narducci

In Frame: Dusty Marie Narducci – IG: @dustymarienarducci
MUA: Mila Todorova – IG: @pro_makeup_by_mila
Photographer: Bob Jones – IG: @rjones315

To sum up Dusty, she is a classy lady. She exudes confidence on camera and was a lot of fun to work with. Her easy going personality made it easy to direct her on camera. As you can tell, she nailed it with this powerful photo.


Mila did a great job with the makeup here. A perfect balance of editorial beauty.


Star Doan

In Frame: Star Doan – IG: not disclosed
Also Present: Sophia Chutkan
Makeup: Reina Jerez – IG: @_peachybeauty65
Photographer: Bob Jones – IG: @rjones315
Camera: Nikon D610
So, one of the things I do during these types of photo shoots is test the model for her more photographic side. Every face is not perfectly symmetrical. I run a simple test by having her look straight at the camera, and I take a shot and turn her head to both sides and take additional shots. I then look to compare which side has the best angle.
In some rare cases I find a model who looks great from all angles from. Star has that face. I also love the fact that her mother is in her corner and that she wants Star to follow her dreams.
Reina did a great job on the makeup and assisted with fitting jewelry for the model.
Another fun project completed and each time I learn more about the Tampa Models I work with.


Isa Viega

In Frame: Isa Veiga – IG: @caboverdiana.mel
MUA: Isa Veiga – IG: @caboverdiana.mel
Photographer: Bob Jones – IG: @rjones315

Introducing Isa Veiga. She came to me with a confident smile and dominated the shoot. She easily slipped into the role of model in front of the camera. She really made the project her own effortlessly and with very little direction from me. All I had to do was sit back and snap photos of her and what little direction I gave she followed perfectly.

She is also did her own makeup and blended everything perfectly.

Lesley Ingles

Inframe: Lesley Ingles – ig: lesleyrosemarie
Makeup: Reina Jerez – ig: @_peachybeauty65

Photographer: Bob Jones – ig: @rjones315

When some people get in front of the camera, they come alive and dominate the theme. Lesley was that model. This mild mannered lady became another person in front of the camera. She was fantastic to work with and had a great attitude. All class and a little sass.
Reina did an outstanding job with the makeup. Each time I work with her, we try to push it to another level.
Ladies, if you think you have what it takes, then see my casting posted calls.
The Most Fun You Will Ever Have With Your Clothes On.
Now booking editorial beauty photo shoots


Delysia Davis

In Frame: Delysia Davis – IG: @_i.model
Reina Jerez – IG: @_peachybeauty65
Photographer: Bob Jones – IG: @rjones315
Camera: Nikon D610

Delysia has a natural beauty and camera presence that she looks like a cover girl model. She has the most pleasant personality and I believe any photographer that gets to work with her is blessed.

I’m glad that both models who came today brought close friends as their escorts. For one thing it’s another pair of hands to put to work. For another, I always want the ladies that I work with to feel comfortable and I want to provide a safe environment. I always encourage models to bring their friends along.

Many of our photo shoots take on a life of their own and they become a party. A LOt of laughs and excitement leading up to some amazing finished product.

Thank you to everyone today and for those to come for gracing my canvas.

Sierra Sexton

Photographer: Bob Jones – ig: @rjones315
Makeup: Stephanie M. Paul –
In Frame: Sierra Sexton – ig: @sierralynn99

Camera: Nikon D610
Lighting: 3 point lighting with a reflector around chest height

These shots came from my first session this weekend. Sierra came in and from the moment she sat in the photo chair, she knocked it out of the park. She had never done any beauty modeling before, but she did a great job and followed my directions to the letter.

Both her great skin and the fantastic makeup job of Stephanie made editing these photos a breeze. I spent almost no time editing blemishes and most of my time finding the correct crop and looking at various tone adjustments.



PHOTOGRAPHERS: Is makeup part of your plan?

How many photographers actually think and plan for makeup in their photo shoots? Especially male photographers. Is this something you consciously think about or do you just take it for granted. I’m building a library of ideas on my pinterest account in order to feed my creativity monster.

How do you plan the makeup aspects of your photo shoot?

Rachael Hurley

In Frame: Rachael Hurley
Photographer: Bob Jones
Assistant: Melanie Jones
Location: Tampa, FL
____ Exif
Camera: Nikon D610
F-stop: F16
Exp: 1/200
Focal Len: 75mm
ISO: 100
Lighting: 3 Lights
1 Beauty Dish – Metered at f16
2 Strip Boxes – Metered at f32 (Background)

I like working with a team. I am trying to find a female photographer who wants to do these types of projects as well. In previous photo shoots, I would work with a partner and we both acted as art director for each other.


Beauty Closeup Shoot

In Frame: Rachael Hurley
Photographer: Bob Jones
Assistant: Melanie Jones
Location: Tampa, FL
____ Exif
Camera: Nikon D610
F-stop: F16
Exp: 1/160
Focal Len: 48mm
ISO: 100
Lighting: 1 Light
Beauty Dish
Metered at f16
This is one of my go-to poses for beauty modeling. I like making the model look fierce and powerful. For this shot I pose her straight on and have her tilt her head forward and she is looking directly at the camera.

Rachael was great to work with! She came on time, ready to work. She is a natural model requiring little to no direction on posing. She brought everything to the table and I couldn’t ask for more from her as a model.

Thank you Rachael for working with us on this project! I hope to work with you again in the future.

Creative Partner Wanted

I’m looking for a Female photographer to join my creative team
This is not a job, but an opportunity to work together towards a common goal.

About me: I am a serious photographer who is passionate about my art and I’m willing to work with anyone who shares my passion. I like working within a theme or genre. The more detailed the pre-plan, the better the session. For each photo shoot, I try to involve a professional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist to create the complete makeover & photo session.

What I offer:  I have a string of Alien Bees lights, light stands and modifiers.  We have an area in our apartment designated for photo shoots and are going to be scheduling some beauty closeup shoots very soon.

What I need:  A creative partner.  It’s that simple.  The two of us will do a photo shoot with various models.  I work to schedule Saturday and/or Sunday shoots.  Usually 2 per day, but I’ve been known to work with up to  5 models in a full day shoot.  These shoots are not paid, so there’s no money involved – in fact I usually pay a MUA.  Note:  You don’t need to worry about that – it’s on me.

Bonus Points:  If you are good with hair/makeup, creative with fashion/clothes/wardrobe.  Know of any unique easy to access locations for when it cools off a bit.

For additional samples of my work, see

If you’re interested, send me an email to

Our current setup


This beautiful lady is Shanell. Her natural expression is a smile. She was just a wonderful person to work with on this project.

Working in beauty photography, small movements are key to having different poses. She was perfect in working the subtilties of this project.

We are always looking for new faces to work with. DM me to arrange a photo shoot. The Most Fun You Will Have With Your Clothes On.


I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful and talented Miss Shadae Candice recently. This was the first shoot I had since moving to Florida last September. I was excited to get back to following my passion for photography.
She brought her nephew to the shoot as her escort. We ALWAYS welcome an escort for the models comfort.
But be forewarned. I may put you to work. Lol.

We are always looking for new faces to work with. DM me to arrange a photo shoot. The Most Fun You Will Have With Your Clothes On.

Simple Elegance

These photos are from one of the last photo shoots I did in Syracuse.  We shot at the old abandoned candle factory in Liverpool.

Special Thanks to our Model from this photo shoot Alyssa Devine IG:  @lyslou_22 was absolutely Fantastic to work with. The beautiful dress she wore was from her mother.

We are always looking for new faces. DM me to arrange a photo shoot.  Our photo shoots are The Most Fun You Will Have With Your Clothes On.



How can I as a white person stop racism?

It is my firm belief that George Floyd would still be alive today if one of those cops had the stones to step up against the cop on his neck. The only way these deaths will end is for good people; at least one good person to step up and say stop.

How can I as a white person stop racism? Be the change.

1. Treat each person as an individual worthy of respect
2. Listen to and respect another point of view
3. Refuse to stand idly by when I witness acts against my moral code
4. Train myself to walk in someone else’s shoes
5. Have the strength of will to stand against my friends or colleagues if they break from what is morally right
6. Help the man or woman who has fallen to stand on their own two feet
7. Hold myself accountable when I screw up, and recognize that it will happen
8. Forgive someone when they make a mistake, and recognize that it will happen
9. Treat all mistakes as an opportunity to learn
10. Show grace to all and malice to none

#blacklivesmatter #blacklivestampa #black_lives_have_always_mattered #endhatred #bethechange

Real Estate Photos

Home for sale
Homosassa, Florida
– SOLD –
Located in the desirable
Oak Village North / Sugarmill Woods housing area

Price:  $259,900.00

* 3 Bedrooms
* 2 Full bathrooms
* Den/home office
* Updated Kitchen
* 2 car Garage
* Heated Pool – Gas and solar

SAVE ON UTILITIES!  Uses well water for pool & lawn sprinklers.  City water for all other uses.


Heated Pool – Gas and solar on the roof.  Also comes with a solar blanket for 3-way heating!
Fully Screened LanaiUses the smallest mesh available to keep critters out and the sunshine in!

Ask about how you’ll save money on chemicals by using the included Floatron solar water purifier!

The kitchen Includes:

  • Granite counter tops
  • Upgraded appliances
  • Built-in wine fridge
  • Warming drawer
  • Breakfast nook

The master wing Features

  • Large bedroom
  • Walk-in closet
  • Full bathroom includes two sinks, a large walk-in shower and soaking tub
  • A den that makes a perfect room for a baby’s room or home office