Now Located in Tampa Florida
Phone:  813-435-9908
Text:  813-435-9908

eMail:  booking(at)
Instagram DM:  @rjones315
Twitter:  @bjphoto315


I am a serious photographer who is passionate about my art and I'm willing to work with anyone who shares my passion.  I like working within a theme or genre. The more detailed the pre-plan, the better the session. For each photo shoot, we work with a professional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist to create the complete makeover & photo session. 

My style leans heavily towards fine art (Non-Nude) Photography. My favorite models are people who can play a role and fall right into the character.

I treat everyone I work with like a professional. I have a strict hands-off policy with the talent. Adjustments to wardrobe or hair are made by my team.

Models should understand that if you say you will work with me and we schedule a photo shoot, if you are a no-call/no-show, I will not work with you again. If you call me to cancel, I will consider rescheduling.

I only honor social media friend requests if you are a model and live within 2-3 hours driving time to Tampa, and if you haven't been a previous no/call no/show with me.