Models – How to Improve Your Instagram Account

My goal here isn’t to make you feel small or less than professional. I want models to feel strong and empowered. If you want to take control of your direction, then try these ideas in order to push yourself to the next level.
1. If your insta profile is set to private: You want to be easily found, but if a photographer adds you and you later agree to add them, they don’t know. And so they will forget you.
2. You should always include First real name, and your city/state.
3. Once you pick a name for your profile you can’t change it or every link on every other page breaks.
4. You should always include the goal of your profile – example: Tampa Model.
5. Your profile should have the very best professional photos of you. Those TikTok filters are great for best buds, but your modeling page should be the best shots of you. Also, train your artistic eye. Not every shot of you is a great one.
6. Your profile should include at least 1 current head shot, and a couple full body poses from different angles.
7. Your profile should make you feel empowered and strong.
It’s ok to disagree with these points. They are merely my opinion and personal observations and you need to do what’s right for yourself.

Image by Bob Jones.
In Frame: Dora @dora.riman
Nakeup: Ashley @reigningartistry