Earlier this week I commented that people who are laid off should seek training. Well the same idea goes for employers. Instead of laying people off, now is the time to invest in your staff and get them training.
Every company has people who are newer or lack some proper training. It’s also a great time to devote to OSHA standards and other industry related training.
In normal times the workload gets in the way of getting people the training they need. When things are quiet, you need to work at plugging the knowledge gaps.

Well-trained employees work faster better and more efficiently.

For managers, it’s a great time to mentor someone. Train the people below you so that they can do their jobs better and improve employee retention. It’s also a great time to train on soft skills such as customer service and self improvement. Get people’s minds in the right place and their work ethic will follow.
Also, if managers attend the classes with their staff, it builds a team oriented environment and shows that your focus is from the top down.