Inspiring Videos

These are inspiring videos.  Many of them are behind the scenes videos from photographers photo shoots.  I will continue to add her as I troll the internet.

I love everything about this video

The set
The model’s Posing
The wardrobe
The lighting



These videos are about posing for models rather than behind the scenes videos

These are all video shorts.  Only a couple minutes each but they are great learning tools for models.

The idea is to watch how these models move



Check out this behind the scenes video.  Arthur St John is a great photographer and he also includes some final images

This is for close up shooting – beauty.  Great talk about the eyes.

I was looking at this video.  It made me think of a deer in the headlights.  Her expressions were quite scared.  Until she disengaged from the camera.  Also, every shot she had her mouth open.

I Love how this talks about making a model an actress.  In every photo shoot, I try to tell the model to play a role.


High quality BHTS video for a fashion shoot


A Great video on posing techniques

Also has some final shots in the video as well.


GQ Behind the scenes and interviews with models.


A video on how to pose for models.  Just watch the movements.


Another behind the scenes video.  I love their sets.  FYI:  No after shots but the video is quality


This is a how to pose video for models.  It shows a variety of moves that can help in a photo shoot.  Notice how the model transitions between moves.


This is a great Behind the scenes look at a photo shoot


Arthur St. John does amazing photography.  I scoop up every behind the scenes video he does

What I like about this video is the finished photos the show.  Just to give you an idea of the finished product.  The first model is better than the second – The second model is kind of boring expression-wise.

NSFW – Contains nudity and an adult theme

Lingerie Photo shoot.  Great quality video.  No finished images shown here


Off topic but a very sweet video.
Where do your toys go when you turn out the lights.


Behind the scenes vintage fashion shoot.
I love the tones in this video.  The bleached colors gives it a real vintage look.
My only fault is the lack of final images to see what it prodiuced

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