Test shoot

This photo comes from the second model we are testing for an upcoming project.  We are running a full-on test for an upcoming photo shoot.

I was having a bad morning.  Me and Lexy were working full bore on our setup and it took literally several hours for the lighting to work out.  Then we put the model on the set and in my mind the wheels came off.  After shooting for a while, I let Lexy shoot her first sequence, but it was obvious that something wasn’t working for me.

After Lexy was done with her shooting, I decided to pull 90% of the set apart and rearrange the lighting slightly.  I don’t get this way very often, usually it’s just a point of tweaking the lighting.

So, finally, after pulling everything apart, things just started to come together.  We had her standing instead of siting in a chair and it just seemed to work better.

In this image I had pulled an image from the internet for inspiration.  The lighting worked and the pose worked and finally it all came together.

Model:  Erinn Wilcox
Makeup Artist:  Rachael Keresey
Hair stylist and Hat designs:  Donna Latino
Primary Assistant:  Melanie Jones-Beauchesne
Set design & Art Direction:  +Lexy Page



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