Some Older Photos

Covered Bridge 3 hdr


Working with hands in photography


How to pose the eyes

Photographers, some great advice here.


Learn how to see light

This is literally what I’ve been saying in our workshops to photographers. Only I do it with a statue.


This looks like a great project


Long Behind the Scenes vide of a model shoot. Finished photos at the end.

This is a great BTS video

This vides is a beauty shoot


From a recent trip up towards Lowville, NY


SO we were driving around in Lowville, NY in a snow storm looking at the Wind turbines when this little guy flew over the truck and landed on a power line.

This is a 100% crop shat @ 85mm




This is an abandoned farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere.



Get Organized: Using Pinterest to share your thoughts

We’re probably all familiar with Pinterest and how it works.  I’ve taken the board to the next level.  My pinterest is chock full of ideas for possible shoots.  I’ve also got ideas on how to make inexpensive wardrobe for a photo shoot.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to put together a great shoot.  All you need is some forethought and a little creativity.

I’ve noticed that when I send a model to my pinterrest they don’t really look at it for inspiration.  The like the photos, but they don’t really understand what I’m trying to do.  These photos are to suggest ideas for the themes I work with.  It’s not everything, but the genres include a ton of ideas to try and make a photo shoot a lot more fun.

Turn your glamour shoot into something amazing.  Plan you shoot and shot your plan.

You can find my pinterest page at http://www.pinterest.com/rjones315/



Behind the scenes

The quirky but extremely talented Melisa Rodwell.  Love her style

I’d love love love to shoot at this location – or something similar

Another great set


How To Get Yourself on Model Mayhem

How To Get Yourself on Model Mayhem
From A Gatekeeper’s Perspective

So, you’ve uploaded your images and created a profile but you’re rejected and don’t know why.  Here are a few tips to help you get yourself added to the most popular Web site for amateur modeling & photography talent.

First, look at your images.  Are there any selfies?  These are the camera phone photos you take of yourself trying to look sexy.  Some are in front of a mirror.  Others are taken with the camera phone at arms length.  The worst image you could post are what we call duck face.  That’s where you purse your lips at the camera thinking it looks sexy.  It would if you were the AFLAC duck.  The best suggestion I have for selfies is not to use them.  Instead, have a friend take your photos.  Another negative is to not add any of the Instagram filters.  IDK why people add the yellow filter – See Wikipedia for Jaundice.

Next, your profile.  Let me just say that if you think you’re the master of the one liner, you’re not.  You need to include relevant information about what you have done and what your goals are and what you can bring to the table.  Think of the profile as your resume.  Include hobbies that might be relevant to the type of modeling you do.  List any dance or drama experience.

So, how can you improve your chances for approval and also for landing good gigs with photos in your profile?  Well, first get more than 4 different images.  Wear multiple changes of clothes for the shoot.  Don’t apply the cheesy color and tone filters.  Get good headshots made and make that your avatar.

Hey good luck and have FUN!