Delysia Davis

In Frame: Delysia Davis – IG: @_i.model
Reina Jerez – IG: @_peachybeauty65
Photographer: Bob Jones – IG: @rjones315
Camera: Nikon D610

Delysia has a natural beauty and camera presence that she looks like a cover girl model. She has the most pleasant personality and I believe any photographer that gets to work with her is blessed.

I’m glad that both models who came today brought close friends as their escorts. For one thing it’s another pair of hands to put to work. For another, I always want the ladies that I work with to feel comfortable and I want to provide a safe environment. I always encourage models to bring their friends along.

Many of our photo shoots take on a life of their own and they become a party. A LOt of laughs and excitement leading up to some amazing finished product.

Thank you to everyone today and for those to come for gracing my canvas.

Sierra Sexton

Photographer: Bob Jones – ig: @rjones315
Makeup: Stephanie M. Paul –
In Frame: Sierra Sexton – ig: @sierralynn99

Camera: Nikon D610
Lighting: 3 point lighting with a reflector around chest height

These shots came from my first session this weekend. Sierra came in and from the moment she sat in the photo chair, she knocked it out of the park. She had never done any beauty modeling before, but she did a great job and followed my directions to the letter.

Both her great skin and the fantastic makeup job of Stephanie made editing these photos a breeze. I spent almost no time editing blemishes and most of my time finding the correct crop and looking at various tone adjustments.



PHOTOGRAPHERS: Is makeup part of your plan?

How many photographers actually think and plan for makeup in their photo shoots? Especially male photographers. Is this something you consciously think about or do you just take it for granted. I’m building a library of ideas on my pinterest account in order to feed my creativity monster.

How do you plan the makeup aspects of your photo shoot?